There may well have once been a time when the Internet sat at the fringes of popular advertising arenas, but now it’s at the very centre of everything. Being able to create effective Internet advertising is now a much-prized attribute that companies everywhere are seeking in their team members. With a larger and larger proportion of audiences now moving their regular viewing habits to online sources, the need for this creative skill has never been greater.

For those who are looking to create ad concepts your target audience will really love, below we have some helpful tips on how to improve Internet advertising.

  • Simple, but Snappy

It’s easy to overthink things when you’re creating an online ad, be it in still or video format. You might be afraid that keeping things too simple will mean that your overall branding messages are unclear, or that people will be unsure about what it is you’re offering them. You have to have some faith in your product/service’s ability to speak for itself.

Keeping ads simple, with clear and snappy messages, a clear product image, and a strong enough representation of your own brand should be all you need. Just think of the ads put out by big brands like Coca-Cola, for instance. How much content do you really see beyond the company name and a chilled glass bottle of the drink? That’s the kind of simplicity you should be aiming to achieve.

  • Keep Word Counts Low

Following on from the previous point, keeping things simple and snappy also means keeping word counts down as low as possible. Whether they’re written words on a static ad, or spoken words in a video. Lower word counts that keep things simple and don’t give the entire game away are the best way to go.

As we mentioned, it can be hard for some to stick to this rule because they’re afraid that any detail they leave out of their script will weaken their message. Smaller word counts always help to make ads more appealing, as well as easier to read or follow.

  • Have a Clear Call to Action

Do your online ads contain some kind of call to action? It could be something like your website address, contact email, phone number, possibly accompanied by words like “get in touch today” or “contact us now.”

The whole point of an online ad is to promote new customers to get in touch and make inquiries. Even “click here” works as a call to action. There should be some indication to viewers of the ad that you are hoping they take some steps to come closer to your product or service as a result of seeing this ad.

  • Align it with Your Brand

Have you used your branding style guide to create the ad? Does it feature the right colours, the right size logo, the right fonts and font sizes? All of these things matter when creating online ads. Your advertising should be such that viewers can instantly connect it to your brand through visual cues. If they can’t do that, then your ads are not well aligned with your brand.

  • Video is More Engaging!

Static and banner ads are still a thing in the modern Internet age, but the fact is that video ads are more engaging and stand a better chance of garnering a positive response from your audience. Videos give you scope to include voice — and thus more words — as well as more visually appealing content that will get your message across clearly. Remember to include a call to action at the end of your video, too!