What is a virtual answering service?

This is an online service through which calls that are directed to your number are picked by an automated response. The calls are also sometimes picked up by a third party and they take any messages or they forward the calls to you or many times, they take care of your telephonic communications. This cloud-based service is a new concept that has recently emerged in the past few years.

Many large organizations use this service. It is in the form of remote receptionists who answer the calls to greet the caller and then continue with the protocols of the company to carry your conversation further on.

A few of the services provided in this online cloud-based service are:

  • Interactive voice response is there to make sure that the call is sent to the right person in the business without any human interaction.
  • Message-taking is done in the form of the agent making note of the caller’s name, contact details, the reason for calling, and other information. This information is then forwarded to the business.
  • Call forwarding is done when the automated message isn’t enough for the caller and the call has to be directed to the right person in the business to address the caller.
  • Customer service includes answering questions and taking in complaints and providing support.

Other services include live call answering, outbound calls, voicemail messages delivered by email, general inquiries and basic customer service, etc.

Benefits of using this online service

  • One of the most obvious benefits of the answering service is that it removes the burden and pressure off businesses to manage phone calls. By doing this, the business’s staff get time to work and attend to other goals and objectives.
  • It is a more cost-effective option compared to hiring full-time or many part-time customer service specialists. This reduces overall costs to the business and allows them to increase their profits. Also, less capital being allocated to this means that they could allocate more towards other sectors like marketing, etc.

There are various reasons why you should opt for this service. Why do the job yourself when someone else can make it easier for you?