Translated from English, DOM (Depth of Market) is the depth of the market, or in the terminology of Russian-speaking traders – “Depth of Market”. In fact, this is a list of orders placed for buying and selling. The higher the price – the more bids for sale, the lower the price – the more willing to buy. Some traders prefer to work only with DOM, not referring to the charts at all. They believe that the glass reflects the actual balance of supply and demand. And by the behavior of orders and prices, they judge the strength and weakness of the market.

For the price to move, one of the two traders must start buying market orders. The task of traders is to aggressively put pressure on opponents and force them to close positions. The situation that we have described occurs in different variations every day in any market. Smart money puts pressure first and then takes profits. Therefore, the price moves up and back down.

Let’s briefly dwell on the main details of the Depth of Market of Zineera:

  • at each price level, the actually traded volume is visible – bid trades, ask trades;
  • you can see the market profile of the current day, the previous day, and the entire contract – today, last day, contract;
  • you can see changes in limit orders at each price level – the last two-colored columns;
  • there is a field for notes – notes (it is not visible in this picture, because we did not activate it in the settings);
  • you can trade directly from the glass with one click;
  • all fields, text sizes, and colors are customizable;
  • you can create and store templates of your DOM.


Trading “Depth of Market” is one of the types of earnings on the stock exchange. It is not suitable for everyone, but you can not refuse chances. Try it. Suddenly this occupation is exactly what you have been looking for so long. Try this kind of trading on Zineera right now. The DOM in this advanced trading and analytics platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve a positive result.