Drivers today are in a tough financialposition due to record gas prices. Usually, people drive to go to work, buy groceries, deal with other important matters, or take their kids to school.

However, with high gas prices right now, every dollarthat drivers spend on filling their tank is interfering with their budget and plans to save in other areas, such as dining out, entertainment, and leisure activities.

While that’s the situation many are facing right now, there are some ways you can try for yourself to help you save money on gas.

Check Gas Station Rewards

Several gas stations offer reward programs to maintain customer loyalty. These programs usually include a rewards card that you can use when you buy gas, food or other items at the station. Once you’ve earned enough reward points, you can redeem them to get discounts at the pump.

You can do some research to find out which gas station provides the best value if there is more than one gas station in your area that offers reward programs. While you can earn reward points with different gas stations, you may not earn them as fast as you would when you only stick to one brand.

In addition, watch out for any coupons or other opportunities that can help you save more money at the pump.

Compare Gas Prices

You’re likely to have more than one gas station in your area, which could have similar prices but different rates. To determine which gas station near you charges the lowest price, check their signs when you drive by.

Another way you can do is to use gas station comparison apps that offer reward programs that can help you save further.

Commute Together in One Vehicle

Commuting together in a single vehicle with your family or coworkers will help you save money on gas. Plus, you’re making a positive contribution to the environment by carpooling.

Your group can agree to split the gas payment so all of you can save. Or, if you and your significant other need to take care of some errands, you could share a vehicle and do them in one trip instead of driving separately.

Or, you can choose not to drive at all if your place has an excellent public transportation system. Instead, take the subway or the bus. If the weather seems fine, walking or biking to where you need to go is also an option.

Use a Cashback Credit Card

A cashback credit card lets you accumulate reward points that you can exchange for a gas station gift card. While that can only pay your gas bill, it is still helping you save.

You can think about getting a rewards credit card if you don’t have one yet. In choosing one, go for a cashback credit card that aligns with your spending habits. That way, you can earn rewards right away.

Another option you can try is adding rewards to a statement credit on your bill, which will help make gas money available to you.