With only a couple of months left until the new year, we can now reflect on the majority of the year that has passed. Along with every new year comes a whole lot of new trends and changes throughout the hospitality industry.

We see trends in many forms, whether it is technology, customer experiences, or food and drinks, every year brings something new and exciting to the sector.

Throughout 2021 we saw a multitude of new food trends. Some of the most prominent trends have been around for a couple of years, but only gained more traction and exposure throughout this year. So, what food trends have we seen rise throughout this year?

Plant-based Burgers

Plant-based proteins have really made a statement this year. Originally a novelty item on some fast-food menus, these burgers have now found a place across almost every single burger venue menu.

One of the most prominent changes that brought this trend to light, is the ultra-convincing and delicious alternatives that are now available. Gone are the days of dry vegetable patties being the only option on the menu. Surprisingly this opened the doors for everyone to want to try the alternative, even if they aren’t vegetarians. This trend is expected to stay and continue to rise throughout burger restaurants, with more innovative plant-based options to come.

Fusion Cuisines

There is so much access to traditional cuisines from around the world throughout Australia. With the country’s prominent multiculturalism, we are fans of every single cuisine that comes across our plates. This year we have seen a rise, not in traditional cuisines, but in fusion cuisines. Cross-cultural cuisines are not a new concept, but the time for restaurants to explore and innovate has led to the acceleration of this trend.

With many options showing up, some of the most out there are Mexican-Korean, and Chinese-Peruvian, while the most common Mexican-Japanese and Western-Vietnamese have been seen in previous years, we can’t wait to see what this trend will continue to deliver.

Low-Waste Foods

With concerns for climate change continuing to rise, sustainability in the hospitality sector has definitely come to light this year. We are more aware than ever of making conscious choices when it comes to our food waste and unnecessary packaging. We are not attempting to cut down on waste in the kitchen and repurposing food and leftovers where possible. There are so many ways that hospitality venues can ensure that they are making steps in the right direction here, and it is one of the most crucial food trends of 2021, as it makes a larger impact.

2021 has been such an unusual year for hospitality venues across Australia, but regardless innovation and creativity really took over and exceled. Overall venues are becoming much more conscious about what they are serving and how their venue can have an impact in more ways than one, whether that be more sustainable packaging, or more plant-based options.

Another great year in hospitality is ahead of us and we can’t wait to see what 2022 may hold.