Being a certified accountant is not just about having a piece of document that proves your skills & expertise in the subject matter. There is also a sense of fulfilment because you have finished a set of courses for your professional growth. 

You know there is more to the bragging rights and glory that comes with it, and let us explore the professional perks of earning a certification or having a coveted licence for your career. 


Your career does not end within the four corners of your office space in the building. There are many opportunities to widen your horizon, improve your methodologies, and other things that surround how you create outputs for the company. In the case of studying for an accounting certification, you get new knowledge that equips you with everything you need to succeed in the industry. 


The professional scene thrives on networking because you get to meet industry leaders from different firms and agencies, interact with colleagues who share the same interest, and even showcase your talents to potential recruiters. While it differs for every chartered accountant course, expect to meet people who can help boost your career, such as job opportunities and other things that will immerse you in this world. 


Climbing the corporate ladder and rising above the ashes can be a challenging ordeal for most professionals. They take extra time and effort to finish a part-time master’s degree to prove their competence, attend training and seminars to update themselves on the changing field of their respective industries, and sometimes read books and other resources to learn more. They may be tedious, but they are worth the extra effort because of the opportunities they open. 


While people have different senses of fulfilment and definitions of what makes them happy, there is always a good feeling when you have finished a course you started or accomplished a programme you thought you could not. Imagine, you spent time and energy finishing your ICAEW modules because you have an office job to take and a few other life responsibilities to accomplish. At the end of the finish line, you will feel something else, which is unforgettable! 

ICAEW Singapore will allow you to become a certified accountant who is an expert in the field and someone open to learning more about the changing industry. Visit their website to explore more about their programme offerings.