Global PEO Services


It would definitely be a good thing if your company would be able to offload tax compliance, payroll, as well as other complicated procedures in global recruitment while employing a base of highly competitive and motivated talent as well. A global PEO service will allow you to do precisely that. Basically, an international PEO happens to be a service firm that enables a business to recruit an employee in a fresh location overseas for outsourcing the ongoing payroll and legal hiring requirement of that particular employee. 

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of using global PEO services right now.

The Pros of Global PEO Services

  1. Local legal compliance

It is a fact that the global employment law is changing at all times, and therefore, it is of prime importance that businesses comply with the employment rules controlling their market of operation. It is essential for businesses to remain updated with any modifications to local payroll, tax regulations, and benefits. One might be required to face considerable penalties in case he does not succeed in complying with the employment regulations. 

Global PEO services will aid in eliminating the risks associated with tax and legal compliance. An international PEO is recognized legally across significant global markets which makes them experts in global employment regulations. They help to make certain that the employees are compensated properly, and tax is withheld according to the legal specifications. 

  1. Cost

It takes a significant amount of time to establish a registered company or local entity overseas. Moreover, the process is quite expensive as well. However, international employee leasing helps the global PEOs to recruit regional workers and there is no need to undergo the hassles and expenses of establishing a local business as well. 

  1. Saves time

In case you are planning to expand your business in a different country, you need to deal with lots of paperwork. You might be required to face these hassles even though you have spent lots of time mastering the intricacies of global labor and tax regulations. However, this task will become quite simplified by hiring global PEO services that will be able to handle these tasks quite easily as well as impeccably. 

The cons

  1. No arrangement for EOR

International PEO contracts often lack EOR arrangements at present, and this might prove to be a matter of concern in the long run. In fact, you might be losing control over employment practices. You never the less retain the majority of the legal employment accountability sans a proper EOR arrangement. You will become responsible in case your employment terms breach the global labor regulations.

  1. Greater financial threat

Your company might be facing troubles apart from compliance violations if the global PEOs do not come with an EOR setup. Your PEO will be shouldering only a portion of this burden if you are needed to pay a penalty by an international authority. On the contrary, a GEO is going to accept the entire accountability. 

  1. Fees and other expenses

Even though it is a fact that a global PEO will provide you with top-quality service that will help you to run your business smoothly, you need to spend a lot of money for hiring a PEO. It will not be a sensible idea to hire global PEO’s in case your financial budget is somewhat constrained. In such cases, make sure to get the job done on your own.

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