M&A, also known as merger and acquisition, is one of the most complicated and costly transactions a company can make. If you’re the buying company, this is an expensive investment that could backfire if done incorrectly. Luckily, many M&A advisory firms in Singapore are willing to help both parties in the business transaction. But what is M&A advisory, and do you need it for your merger and acquisition? Here’s a quick guide that tackles everything you need to know about M&A advisory services.

What is M&A advisory in Singapore?

M&A advisory in Singapore is the third party to help a business transaction involving the buying, selling, and trading of businesses. An M&A advisory firm could represent a buyer or seller to ensure a smooth and fair transaction without legal complications. M&A advisory services usually give their clients advice. They also conduct business research about the client’s market.

What do M&A advisory services do?

The main job of M&A advisory firms in Singapore is to advise the buy-side and sell-side of a merger and acquisition. Once both parties have agreed on a business transaction, one of the parties will contact an M&A advisory firm for said assistance. M&A advisory services will advise on company values, deal structures, and more for the entire transaction duration.

Why do you need M&A advisory services?

  • Their expertise in merging and acquisition is the most valuable service they can offer you. M&A is complicated, challenging, and costly. While other business people have limited knowledge of M&A, those in advisory firms have trained in this aspect. Thus, hiring M&A advisory services can help guarantee a beneficial transaction.
  • Another central aspect of their job is market research. M&A advisory firms in Singapore can research the market your company focuses on and develop optimising strategies for your business to start climbing the ranks.
  • M&A advisory services have access to an extensive array of connections. They can keep the contact information of every client they’ve worked with, so if you’d like to connect with a company for a transaction idea, these firms can provide you with information.

How does a merger process with M&A advisory services play out?

Step 1: 

Once two businesses have agreed on a transaction, one hires an M&A advisory firm in Singapore. An advisor from the firm meets with the two parties and establishes this transaction’s terms.

Step 2: 

Negotiate agreements and ensure that the transaction fulfils all legal requirements. Prepare legal documentation about the results of these negotiations.

Step 3: 

Both parties meet to approve the transaction, while M&A advisory services provide a Fairness Opinion, attesting to the equality of the transaction.

Step 4: 

Both parties hold shareholder meetings to approve the transaction officially.

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