The traditional market is a finicky phenomenon of contradictions, ups and downs, and disappointment for home buyers hoping to sell their house fast in Atlanta – and this is for the houses that look perfect. For less-than-perfect listings, the selling process can be a nightmare. Here are a few reasons home buyers won’t look at the home you’re trying to sell:

The House Itself. Sloppy construction is a common issue that makes a listing unsellable. Architects, not homeowners, are to blame for this; sometimes, to wrap projects up fast, architects and construction companies cut corners that lead to faulty foundations, unlivable structure, and a lower home value. Fixing any one of these issues will cost more than it’s probably worth, and none of them are a fast fix. Also, your location can play into a prospective buyer’s choice about your listing. There are places in Atlanta that people would rather live than others, and selling a home fast in an undesirable area is going to be a difficult task.

The Decoration. From furniture choices to the wallpaper you just can’t bear to part with, home buyers judge your house decor. This particularly matters during showings, when potential buyers can inspect every inch of the place you live and decide whether it’s worth their money. Keeping up with trends is exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming. To sell your house fast in the traditional market, it should perfectly match the designer dream of the day.

The Extra Inhabitants.You can spend all the cash you want on air fresheners, but the smell of cats isn’t one that’s conquered fast. Pets are one of the biggest reasons potential buyers pass on a house.

The Maintenance. Fire, storms, mold growth, roof repair, and more all play into the maintenance of your Atlanta house, and if it’s a little older, many of these will not be a fast fix. Mold can sneak into your home when you least expect it, particularly in the bathrooms where the air may be more humid, and its infectious presence can take months to destroy.

While all these reasons might make it feel like you’ll never be able to sell your home, and certainly not sell it fast, these are only relevant when you look at the traditional market. Visit the Joe Homebuyer in Atlanta website today and enter information about your home to receive a cash offer below the market average in ten minutes and a guaranteed close within seven days.

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