For Canadians importing a car from the United States, an Internal Transaction Number(ITN) is needed from the Automated Export System(AES) of the United States. 

There are customs brokerage firms like Clearit that handle high-value imports from the United States. They ensure a hassle-free import in compliance with the customs laws of both countries.

This article takes you through the nitty-gritty of the ITN procedure and the compliances of the importers in Canada.

Let us begin!

The ITN and AES

The ITN is a 14-digit number associated with export transactions in the Automated Export System of the United States. 

It is a legal obligation to inform the U.S. government about the details of the export shipment. An ITN must be obtained for all high-value overseas shipments over $2500.

The ITN is automatically generated by AES upon submission. If the exporter does not obtain an ITN, the Customs and Border Protection(CBP) may turn back the package or even issue a fine.

Therefore, filing an ITN ensures a safe passage for exports from the United States.

How can a customs brokerage firm help?

Many firms offer a complete Car import package. Their agents ensure a smooth crossing of your dream car across the border.

They include the following

  • Generation of AES/ITN number
  • Submissions to Automotive Export Council at 72-hour notice
  • Customs agent at the site during the crossing
  • Compliance with rules for customs release
  • Remittance of Duties and taxes to Canada Customs
  • Seamless coordination of border crossing
  • Professional Customs Accounting Documentation

The brokerage firms charge a fixed price per clearance based on the value of an import. An additional disbursement fee applies to Duties & Taxes. Further charges for Other Government Declaration and Additional Tariff Lines may be applicable.

Suggestions before importing goods from the United States

  1. Choose an experienced customs broking firm with proven credibility.
  2. Ask your agent about all the disbursement and other charges applicable for the import.
  3. Check the competitive pricing of the service charges of different firms.
  4. Negotiate with the firm for the last mile delivery of the imported package.
  5. If you would like to review your entries before customs submission, inform the same to customs agent.
  6. Ensure compliance with the requisite PARS manifests information to avoid delays.

Concluding thoughts

Now that you understand ITN/AES procedure, choose a professional customs brokerage firm to ensure a hassle-free import from the United States. The Clearit itn number for Canada is the most reliable option you have. You must check out the website for all details!