According to an article, several American gun owners claim that they have more than one gun. In addition, the data reveals that 29 percent own five or more guns. Of all the guns available in the market, the most popular one is the AR-15 rifle. As per the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in 2022, there were approximately 20 million AR-15 weapons in circulation in the United States of America. You can also look for a gun shop and get the AR-15 tactical rifles for sale online. But if you are baffled as to what makes this rifle popular. You can continue reading this article. Also, you can learn about the history of these guns and what features to look for.

What makes AR-15 rifles popular?

Whether you are a hunter or a competitive shooter, you can use AR-15 rifles. There are several reasons why it has turned out to be popular. Some of them are given below.

  1. It is reliable and safe: The AR-15 guns are best sellers because of their reliability. It is ideal for beginner shooters and promotes safe shooting. In addition, they don’t malfunction under the sun or the rain. No matter the weather conditions, you can always use this rifle.
  2. It is easily accessible: In the United States, the selling and buying of guns have been made accessible. An article states that Americans own 40 percent of the guns in the world. To be eligible to buy a handgun, you must complete 21 years of age. And if you want a military rifle, you must be 18 years old. Many gun owners begin learning to use a rifle at the young age of 18.
  3. It has customizable features: The AR-15 guns can be customized easily. You can remove the parts to clean them and replace their parts too. You can avail the weapon with a different caliber, so you have to just interchange the upper receiver. You can utilize the guns for precision shooting by replacing the barrel, optic scope, and trigger.

What is the origin of the AR-15?

AR-15 was developed in the 1950s and named after Armalite, the manufacturer. Hence, the name of the rifle includes “AR”. The design of the gun was sold to Colt in 1959. After four years, the U.S. military picked Colt to produce the AR-15 rifles as M-16 for officials in the Vietnam War. Although it received mixed success during the war, the AR-15 guns became incredibly popular. Many manufacturers began the production of rifles with a similar style, while Colt’s patent expired in 1970. At present, more than 500 companies are producing these rifles and their accessories. Since they are lightweight, soldiers or military officials find it easy to carry the gun around.

What to look for in an AR-15 rifle?

The following criteria will assist you in picking the right rifle. The criteria include quality receivers, the right barrel, and the right trigger.

  1. Quality receivers: The construction is essential when looking for an AR-15 rifle. There are two types of aluminum used in making receivers 6061 and 7075 aluminum. 6061 aluminum is corrosion-resistant and offers durability. It is also inexpensive. The tensile strength of 7075 aluminum is similar to steel. So, you can look for rifles with quality receivers.
  2. The right barrel: In 1960, the length of the standard barrel for the AR-15 rifle was 20 inches. Today, you can get it at a length of 20 inches or more. It helps in achieving accuracy for competitive shooting.
  3. The right trigger: Single-stage triggers differ between 5.5 to 8.5 pounds and can perform adequately. They are suitable for practicing targets and are budget-friendly. Double-stage triggers create a pull cycle by bringing a catch to tension and releasing it as soon as the trigger breaks.

You can look for AR-15 tactical rifles for sale online from various rifle stores. Make sure that you purchase the accessories along with it.