The Central Board of Secondary Education, also known as CBSE, is a special board for public and private education in the whole of India. With a well-structured curriculum, study books and publications are made for Centre Point International school as well as periodic examinations either termly or yearly at specific centers. For an easier understanding of how the CBSE syllabus works for various educational levels, you can visit any of their regional offices in your locality. You can also check them out online and even make book purchases online. With this, you get to have access to your child’s educational materials at your own comfort. This benefits both parents and students, especially when they do not have access to any CBSE office around them. It also saves time and extra money if you have to pick up a car all the way to any of their offices. Plus, all orders of books you place online are delivered to your exact address.

Bridging the gap of education

India is a country with a diverse culture. In reference to that, CBSE books have been designed to help students understand various subjects better. Before these systems were implemented, Indian education went through some resistance before now. A Bill for the right to education was passed in 2005. This was the second attempt by the government of India to put the education system on track. 

Some provisions of the bill include:

  • Free quality education up to the elementary level for children between the ages of 6 and 14. 
  • New government schools must be opened to handle the student population. 
  • An active school management association would be comprised of parents and teachers from both public and private schools. The association would handle school assets and supervise accounts as well as salaries. 
  • A National Commission for Elementary Education. So, grievances can be addressed and punishment allocated to people, organizations, and institutions that go against the Bill. 

Professionally trained public school teachers to work full-time at Centre Point international schools. 

There are past sample questions available online

CBSE online platforms have a list of various sample questions that students answer to prepare them for real examinations. This helps build your confidence while you partake in Centre Point international questions. It also reduces stress and helps you know how ready you are for the actual examination. You can also find guide books which explain details of a subject or concept from a complex state to a much easier state of understanding.

Seeing the outcomes work well

Overall, having very good grades is one thing, and understanding a course or subject is another. Why? Because some students don’t know how to practically implement the concepts or theories they memorized all over in order to pass their examination. But purchasing Centre Point international books online gives you the opportunity to have both on your side. You get to understand what you are learning and also score well on your final examinations. The CBSE syllabus online helps you prepare for your course lessons. You can also partake in some online classes in cases where you find yourself in a location where you can’t have access to a physical classroom. This also helps international students using the syllabus.


CENTRE POINT SCHOOLinternational has proven to be that unique school that keeps making it possible for parents to dream again of the best future for their children. This school is more about the children getting what they deserve and that is it.