Respiratory disorders are on the rise owing to the increase in pollution and poor lifestyle. The occurrences of asthma have increased drastically over the years. Just like any other respiratory ailments, asthma patients must consider the regular medical requirement, which adds to the overall expenses. There is designated health insurance for individuals with asthma. Let’s discover the benefits of health insurance for patients with asthma and how they can avail the best of treatment without affecting their savings.

What is Asthma?

It is a chronic health disorder in which the inflammation of the muscles restricts the air passages in the lungs leading to breathlessness.

What are the effects of asthma?

Asthma comes with its own set of challenges and health complications. If it is not treated with proper medication and checks, then patients can suffer from poor concentration and disruption in sleep, to name a few. It can prove fatal in some serious cases.

Worldwide, over 300M+ individuals have asthma. In India, over 37.9M people are asthma patients. If you calculate, then you will be shocked to find out that one out of the 8th asthma patient in the world is Indian. Indians with asthma exceed HIV and TB patients.

Benefits of health insurance policy for asthma patients

Asthma is unpredictable. If you or your loved ones require sudden medical attention and must get admitted, then the health insurance policy will come in handy. Check out the ways it can prove beneficial.

Hospitalisation costs get covered

Sudden asthma attacks caused due to inflammation in the respiratory tract require immediate hospitalisation and medical attention. As the occurrences of these cases are frequent, you shouldn’t ignore the possibilities of this happening on a regular basis. Hence, asthma treatment is costly. Thus, make sure asthma is covered by an insurance policy to avoid burdening your savings.

Diagnostic tests are covered

During asthma treatment, patients must go through several tests and medical procedures, more so after being admitted to the hospital. These tests include chest x-rays and pulmonary function tests, to name a few. These are very expensive tests and can add up to a massive bill. Make sure to review this coverage while buying a health insurance plan.

In India, due to the increase in pollution to alarming levels, it is not safe for asthma patients, and due to working from home, sedentary life is taking a toll on everyone and increasing asthma cases.

You must always be insured in such uncertain times. For this, you need to buy health insurance.

Allergies covered under the health insurance policy

Asthma can be caused either genetically or by vulnerability to allergens. There are two types of allergens – indoor and outdoor.

Dust in the home, mould, dusty carpets & furniture, etc. can be considered indoor allergens.

Pollution, chemical fumes, pollen from plants and flowers, smoke, etc. can be considered outdoor allergens.

Make sure all the allergens are covered under your health insurance policy. 

It is recommended that you buy an individual health insurance policy if you or your loved one are an asthma patient. Family health policy might not at times cover all the tests and treatments.