China is the largest exporter in the world. If you want to start a business in the UK where you sell Chinese products, like plastic mouldings, electronic and mechanical assembles, non-woven bags, flooring and diamond grinding tools, aluminium casting, and other products you need look no further than China Why? This is because the Chinese products don’t cost a fortune. You can contact Supplybase solutions to source and start shipping products either to your warehouse or directly to your customers address. 

Before you do that, it is crucial to follow certain guidelines that will make the procurement process a smooth experience for you. Here is some of the vital information that you should know before the documentation process.

Commodity code

It is essential to use the accurate commodity code if you are purchasing products from China. You can either check the code from Supplybase Solutions or look it up online. Alternatively, you can check the trade tariff on the UK customs website. However, the commodity code for a certain product will be different from another product, for example – the code for floor polisher will not match the code of other machine parts. Therefore, always be specific about the type of product you are looking for.

Chinese Export Logo or CE Level

While buying goods from China make sure that the products have the CE label attached. This label validates that the product has been manufactured or imported after meeting the required quality standards for the UK market. If a product that you want to import doesn’t have this marking, it will not be allowed to enter the UK market.

Duties and Taxes when buying products from China

Buying products from China will mean paying import duty and customs value, in addition to the respective VAT amount. SBS pay the VAT and import duties based on the customs value for a seamless importing experience. SBS will manage this part of the process and provide you a product with all duties and taxes included.  SBS will provide you with an Invoice in Stirling plus VAT as per the quotation provided.

Import control rules

Import controls ensure that you don’t import anything from China that’s illegal in the UK. It categorises the products under three different heads:

  • Ban – Meaning you can’t import those goods
  • Surveillance – Meaning the goods will be monitored, provided you have a proper license
  • Quota – Meaning there is a restriction on the volume of a specific type of product that you want to import

Supplybase Solutions can manage and advise on any of these conditions.

EORI number

The UK customs keep a record of the goods imported from China. SBS have an Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) number that denotes the commercial invoice for all goods. It is a unique identification code used to track commercial cargo exported outside the EU.  Supplybase Solutions will manage the import documentation.


Import compliance 

The products that are imported from China need to comply with the latest EU standards. So, it is pivotal to check if the supplier follows all the EU-import directives. SBS only deal with suppliers who maintain all the regulations required for importing products as the products that are not compliant with the EU standards can’t be sold in the UK market. To ensure that all the quality standards have been maintained.

To start up supplies from China please contact Supplybase Solutions to support your business.