When you’re trying to get a business to avail of your product or service, you need to get in front of key decision makers. You can grab their attention in different ways, one of which is by sending a multimedia box.

Thinking Out Of The Box

Day after day, decision-makers of companies across various niches receive tons of paperwork on their desks. This comes on top of the emails they receive in their inboxes.

To attract these people’s attention, you have to think out of the box. Go beyond what’s traditional and send them something that would pique their interests and leave a great impression. In the world of business, the unique solution you’re looking for can come in the form of multimedia boxes.

This box is a sales and marketing material that can be customized to help you hit your goal. Here’s how.

They spotlight content that is easier to process. Decision makers are busy people. They often don’t have the luxury of time to read pages-long sales and marketing proposals. You can help them understand your offering better if you present it in a way that’s easier for them to digest. One of your best options is to create a video. You can take the presentation to a higher notch by integrating that video into a box that can contain other relevant materials, such as product samples.

They are versatile. Multimedia boxes are a versatile tool that you can leverage to convince decision-makers to do business with you. As stated, apart from the video itself, it can store product samples that allow recipients to try your offering out. On the surfaces of the box, you can also incorporate other helpful visual elements, including product images and information, brand logo, call-to-action, and contact details, among others. You can also design it and choose a color scheme that best reflects your branding.

They help generate better ROI. Receiving a box instead of a paper is far more engaging. It gives decision-makers the impression that you’ve carefully thought it out and spent that much effort to get their attention. Because it’s also more physically elaborate, a video box won’t easily get lost in the clutter. It can create a more memorable impact, which can encourage your recipient to choose you over other competitors.

Beyond The Multimedia Box: Other Ways To Make An Impact On Decision Makers

First off, be sure that you know who your target decision-makers are. What are their motivations? How about pain points?

Apart from giving them physical materials, do tap the power of social media and connect to them where they’re most active in the digital space. For instance, send them a personalized message on LinkedIn.

Also, don’t forget to reach out to the decision makers’ gatekeepers (e.g. Their personal assistants or subordinates at work). Establishing a relationship with them can help you get noticed by decision makers themselves faster.

But, in any method you undertake — including sending a multimedia box — the key is demonstrating a genuine interest to provide value to the businesses you’re reaching out to.

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