When you buy a pool table, it usually nearly comes with a set of balls and cues. At the very least, you should be prepared to receive some balls. These extra goods will be supplied in the same package as the table. Even if this is plenty for a game of pool, you can now purchase a variety of accessories to assist you in performing better. At some point, you’ll also need to pool table parts. Here is a list in the style of a countdown of the greatest options we have for pool table accessories.

The Pool Table’s Chalk

If you’re going to your favorite pool hall, you know you’ll need to pack your own chalk. This is because most establishments do not have chalk on hand. This one-of-a-kind chalk aids in both smoother strokes and more precise shots. This is due to the chalk making your cue stickier and easier to handle. Additionally, it protects your cue by preventing the tip from wearing out and becoming damaged over time. Overall, chalk helps your cue stay in good shape for a longer period of time.

Triangle Storage Rack

Instead of its entire name, it is frequently referred to as a rack. The rack is an essential piece of equipment that is required for a variety of sports. You’ll be able to get your pool balls in the appropriate location to begin with, with the aid of a triangle rack, allowing you to get the game started quickly. It is possible to set up your pool balls without a cue ball rack, but it is more difficult and time-consuming.

Cleaner for Balls

In the long run, the frequent rolling of the billiard balls around the table might pose some issues. In the realm of the pool, ball burn is a genuine phenomenon. It is critical to polish your pool balls on a regular basis in order to maintain the same level of play on your table. This will aid in the removal of dust and any oily residue from the object’s surface. It will also assist in minimizing friction on the table felt, which is a vital consideration.

Rack for Cues

A cue rack is an excellent addition to your pool table accessories since it provides a secure location for all of your cues. You should really consider acquiring one. Although you may play pool by yourself, the majority of the rules and procedures are designed for two players to compete against one another. As a result, you’ll need somewhere to keep at least part of your cues, and a rack is the easiest method to do it.

Pool cues exist in a variety of sizes, something you may not be aware of. This is another reason to have a cue rack since you may wish to explore and hence have more than one. The longer you play, the more you’ll see the value of having several cues.

Pool Table Maintenance

Not only will you require additional equipment, but you will also need to care for and preserve your pool table. This is necessary for good play and enjoyment. Continue reading to learn more.

Keeping Your Accessories Clean

Clean pool cues glide between a player’s fingertips more readily than unclean ones. This makes it more difficult to play and encourages players to use greater force, which can destroy the table’s felt. You may use a microfiber towel or an alcohol wipe to clean the cues as frequently as you like.

Clean the shaft using dampened wipes in a cleaning solution or alcohol to remove the dirt and grease. Then, clean and polish the stick using a cleaner. The final step should be to apply wax to prevent it from growing worse.

Dust and chalk get on the balls during play. If you don’t clean the balls frequently, this debris will settle back into the table’s felt and rails. Billiard balls may be cleaned by soaking them for about ten minutes in a ball cleaning solution or in a sink full of soapy water, then washing them vigorously. If you operate a business, you should consider purchasing a ball cleaner.

Consider Putting a Cover on Your Pool Table

Even if you aren’t using the pool table, it will become dusty and grimy. Consider purchasing a pool cover to alleviate your concerns.

Keep the Felt in Good Condition.

There are several methods for cleaning the felt. It’s a good idea to keep billiard table brushes on hand. During the game, players can wipe the table with a brush or dustpan to remove talcum powder and dust. For cleaning delicate surfaces, a table brush with soft bristles is the ideal option. Instead of stroking in a circle, move the bristles from one end of the pocket to the other.

To remove all of the dust and grime from the table, use a brush and a portable vacuum set to the lowest setting. It fully cleans the surface without displacing any dirt around it.

Use Caution When Moving the Chalk

Never place chalk directly on the felt. It’s critical to chalk the cue before each shot but do it as far away from the table as possible. If chalk dust collects on the felt, it can enter the table through any cracks or holes. Rather than leaving additional chalk on the table, place it on the floor, where it will be easier to clean up.

Avoid Placing Your Table in Direct Sunlight

Even while the sun will not harm your table, it is recommended to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. This is because the sun’s rays fade your felt and maybe dry up the wood from which your frame is manufactured. Your table should be placed in a room where it will not receive direct sunlight.

Also, use caution when exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. Wooden frames may distort if the heat is too intense. Despite the fact that most slate tables have wood pieces that can flex when subjected to high temperatures, slate does not become brittle over time. Place your pool table somewhere where the temperature remains constant.

Regular Frame Cleaning

Every time, clean the frame in the same way. With a soft bristle brush, clean the rails, legs, cabinet, and any other flat surfaces. To polish a hardwood table, dab a soft cloth with a wood cleanser and massage the surface. To care for both the wood and the leather, a professional furniture polish should be applied. Leather pockets and cushions should be cleaned using an oil-based substance to prevent the leather from drying up and cracking.


Did you know that some pool tables from over a century ago are still in use today? If you maintain your Valley pool table properly, it may last longer than the manufacturer stated. Nonetheless, you will most likely need to replace the following components at some time. When changing parts, use a reputed company, such as Penguin Brand. Visit our website at penguin-brand.com to discover more about our components and services.