The cannabis industry has become a major driver of job creation. However, if you have no direct involvement with marijuana—other than using it—cannabis jobs may appear to be impossible. In reality, regardless of whether they have direct involvement with marijuana or not, one must now have some simple but very important skills to be considered an adept marijuana consultant. When it comes to hiring people in the industry, managers look for a variety of skills.

According to Leafly’s report from last year, there are 321,000 full-time cannabis industry jobs in the United States. Cannabis occupations are expected to grow by 32% beginning in 2019. There will be approximately 100,000 new marijuana occupations in the industry by the end of 2022. (as expressed in the most recent Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, 2021). With mind-boggling strength and job development in the industry, pursuing one of the numerous cannabis jobs close to you is an extremely appealing choice.

Managing change is essential in any cannabis job, particularly in administrative and leadership roles. This is the most important of the many adaptable skills that a marijuana consultant should possess. You can overcome testing and new circumstances if you have the ability to adjust. According to a Monster study that included 3,100 selection representatives from across the country, adaptability is one of the top four skills that businesses are looking for.

While preparing for your cannabis prospective employee meeting, include stories that demonstrate how you were adaptable in dealing with unforeseen issues at work and in your personal life. You could, in fact, improve your mental adaptability and capacity to adjust in simple ways. For example, you can read fiction books to hone your compassion muscles, divert negative thoughts to see inconspicuous advantages, or simply order something truly unique at your favorite restaurant. Mental adaptability is one of the most sought-after skills among business owners, and it takes consistent practice to maintain.

Are you ambitious and open to new challenges as chances to succeed and/or learn? Because the marijuana consulting industry is still in its infancy, being a self-starter is advantageous to all marijuana consultants. The cannabis industry is dealing with a slew of new challenges, and your ability to welcome and manage them is critical. Consider a time in your life when you stepped up and completed a task. How could you possibly lead the way? What were your thoughts on making the arrangement? How did you ensure that it was done correctly? Include those examples on your cannabis resume and try to weave them into a response to a conduct inquiry question.