Few people and businesses use checks in the current era, but still, it is a grave concern. According to surveys, banks and other business institutions lose billions due to Classic Grey Checks scams. Fraudsters worldwide have the motive of scamming others and shelling out money. Every time they perform any kind of scam, their tactic varies, which makes it even more challenging to prevent it. The good news is there are ways to spot a duplicate or fake check and avoid any unwanted troubles.

Avoiding an Urgency

One of the most evident signs of a counterfeit check is urgency. When someone is impelling to deposit the check as quickly as possible constantly, there is every reason to be concerned. Urgency is one of the standard methods fraudsters practice fooling people or businesses and extorting money. In most cases, the urgent situation compels one to make poor decisions with the hype of making some easy money. One gets trapped in his/her desire to make quick money.

Ignoring the Refunding of a Part of the Check

This is yet another vital sign in identifying fake checks. It is best to avoid the situation where one is asked to deposit a check and then refund a part of it to the person who handed it. It might take a couple of days for the amount from a check to show up in one’s bank account. Getting funds moved from the bank that issued the check to the bank is lengthy and time-consuming. It can take a few weeks for the bank to identify the deposited check as a fake one. Hence, it is better to avoid such situations where a portion of the check’s amount is asked for a refund.

Confirming with the Bank

Every check has the name of the issuing bank or other institution mentioned. It is suggested to avoid calling on the number that is printed on the check. There is every possibility that the check consists of a fake contact detail. Therefore, calling the number would mean that an individual will contact the scammer for verification. When one makes a call to the bank, he/she must verify whether the account that the Classic Grey Check will be drawn exists or not.

Deep Evaluation

Here are some more ways that can help one spot a fake check.

  • Copied classic gray checks often don’t have a bank logo. Even if they have one, it will be faded.
  • When a check doesn’t mention any specific street address and has a wrong ZIP code, there is every possibility that is check is fake. Verification by contacting the bank is vital.
  • Copied classic gray checks will use thicker paper than an authentic check.
  • Authentic checks usually have at least one rough edge, unlike fake ones with smooth edges.
  • The routing number and check number must be verified as well.


Despite the limited reasons for using the Classic Grey Checks as a mode of payment, check frauds are common in the USA. Fake check frauds take place in multiple forms and shapes. Instead of becoming an easy target, it is better to be cautious and look out for ways to identify fake or counterfeit checks.