Construction sites are constantly busy places, with plenty of materials being delivered and moved around the site, contractors and suppliers around, passers- by, and dangers to keep abreast of in every corner. This means that site lighting is more important than it might be for some locations and some industries. What do you need to look out for when planning lighting for a construction site? How much of a difference does solar site lighting make to the security of a construction site and project?

What are the benefits of solar site lighting?

There are a few different options of size, shape, and style of solar lighting that can be used within construction sites to help illuminate pathways for contractors and suppliers, alongside solar tower lighting to help shine a bright light on the darkest corners of a site and ward off potential trespassers.

The installation of solar site lighting is convenient and simple to achieve too, as well as being maintenance free when compared with generator site lighting. This makes it a simple process to install and to move around where needed, offering greater flexibility when managing a construction site. 

This off grid power source that utilises renewable sun light is the perfect way to boost your green credentials as a company, with no electricity bills to contend with from the national grid. This increases efficiency and lowers overall costs of lighting a site. One of the biggest benefits of solar site lighting for a construction site though is that the instances of accidents on site, especially during the night, are significantly reduced.

Why is solar lighting required on site?

There is a real need for a construction site to be well lit. It should be designed and arranged in a way that it is well lit with natural light during the day, so that all workers can clearly see what they are working on and be aware of any potential dangers that are around them. Where natural light is not abundant, these areas require lighting from another source, and solar lighting for construction is a great, renewable energy light source that really fits the brief.

Site lighting of this nature is also required for those construction sites where work continues outside of natural daylight hours, overnight, or during winter months when the days are much shorter anyway. Site lighting must fully illuminate all areas that are illuminated during the day, making sure that all safety signs and equipment is visible and hasn’t changed in colour, whilst emergency exit routes and signs must be visible too.

These two major areas that site lighting appeals to are site safety and security. Where safety features and warning signs must be highlighted at all times when work is taking place throughout the day and night, and in poorly lit areas, there is also a security concern that needs to be addressed. Lighting a site well and potential vulnerable areas along the perimeter helps to boost security levels.

For a busy construction site or any site project where there is a requirement for strong site lighting to keep site actions moving, place all potential dangers in clear light, and to act as a deterrent as part of a broader robust security system, hiring solar lighting is a great option. Construction lighting needs to fit strict requirements of security and high health and safety standards, so finding hire specialists with experience in the field is the best approach to take to tick all the boxes.