Are you looking to convert more clicks, drive more sales, and sell faster at Amazon?
If some of your products have a large inventory it’s time to speed up the selling process before the Amazon FBA inventory cost and warehouse fees eats up your profit.

Use deals and promotional campaigns to increase sales volume. This will also increase your sales rank, which results in higher SEO ranking.

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There are numerous ways to increase sales in a short time, but we would cover the top 5 promotional campaigns you can use to increase your Amazon sales. Well then, let’s dive right in.

  1. Amazon Lightning Deals. Lightning deals are prominent among the top promotional campaigns on Amazon. The lightning deal lasts only for a short time, say five to six hours, making this a popular campaign program on Amazon. The products offered in the lightning deals section are constantly changing, making this feature appealing to many shoppers to purchase products on there. The way these promotional campaign works makes it easy for you to sell numerous products within a short period and at a discounted price. So, if you want to reduce your inventory quickly, this is the promotional campaign you are advised to use. 

To access Amazon Lightning Deals, you must have a Professional Selling Plan. In your seller account, all you have to do is click on the lightning deals page to see which products are eligible. To determine the eligibility of your product(s), here are some criteria to meet:

• Product ratings. Amazon only allows products with at least a 3+ star rating in their lightning section. So, make sure you have excellent ratings; make sure your positive reviews outweigh the negative ones.

• Category. The category of your product can also determine whether or not it will be listed in the lightning section. Amazon considers cigarettes, adult products, and alcohol as inappropriate. Therefore, such products will not be listed in the lightning section. 

• Prime-eligible. Your products must be Prime-eligible to access the lightning section. You offer prime by enrolling in the Fulfilment by Amazon or Merchant-fulfilled Prime programs.

Amazon lightning deals are a very good promotional campaign to maximize profit, especially during the holidays and special days like Prime Day and Black Friday. So, find out which of your products are eligible and create an Amazon Lightning deal listing today!

  1. Amazon Promotions and Discounts. This is another effective campaign to increase sales on Amazon. With Amazon promotions and discounts, you offer your products at a low cost to incite shoppers to inform family and friends about such. Such promotions and discounts induce shoppers to buy your products, and they also improve your brand awareness on Amazon. You can never go wrong with promotions and discounts as they are a great way to grab shoppers’ attention to convert their leads. The three best Amazon promotions to offer are:

Discounts/Percentage off. This promotion type is the most common on Amazon. Here, you offer to help shoppers save a little extra money by using single-use codes, generic codes, or automatic discount codes that apply when the product is added to the cart. The single-use codes are for individual persons, while generic codes are for the general public; they are usually in forms such as SAMMY77, SMEEDBET, and the rest(anyone can use them). 

•Free Shipping. Here, you offer your audience to purchase specific quantities of goods OR reach a particular spending quota to qualify for discounts and free shipping.

•Buy One Get One (BOGO). This is a widespread and enticing way to increase your sales on Amazon. Here, you offer shoppers to buy a particular product(s) and get another free. It can also be “Buy Two Get One” (BOTO). You can determine your BOGO based on the quantity or amount spent. For example, you could do “Spend $200 on sweatshirts, get a custom hoodie free.”

  1. Amazon Coupons. Coupons are also another effective means of converting many leads on Amazon. Amazon coupons are similar to coupons people get from ad circulars in the news journals and promotional circulars. Amazon coupons appear in the search results and on product detail pages. To use them, you “clip” them to apply them to your order(s). Once you clip a coupon, you must use it immediately. Coupons usually remain eligible until their expiry date, but you will have to re-clip them if you do not use them immediately. 

When you offer a coupon, it is at a cost to you Amazon profit. Sellers are usually charged $0.60 every time a coupon is redeemed. So, you would have to factor this cost into account when contemplating using coupons as promotional campaigns. There are two types of coupons that you can use to increase sales on Amazon:

Link Coupons. Here, you require your audience to click a specific link to get the discount. As soon as the link is clicked, the discount gets added to your shopping cart if you have eligible items. These coupons include 20% off your order, $20 off when you spend $50, and the rest. 

•Clip Coupons. Clip coupons are the ones you can use on specific products; they are like circular coupons that you take into the store. Shoppers clip them online and add them to your cart to get a discount. There are “Prime-only coupons,” “coupons for Subscribe and Save users,” and “coupons for general Amazon users.” 

  1. Create an Email List. This is another effective tip to increase sales on Amazon. If you have a website, use an email signup page where visitors can get free product(s) for signing up. After you’ve drawn shoppers to join your email list, you can now start sending them promotional emails for your products. Here, you could use the Amazon Merchant-to-Customer Message system.
  1. Use Fulfillment by Amazon. The Amazon fulfillment service can benefit your Amazon business in so many ways. With the FBA, customers can get their orders in a fast and reliable manner capitalizing on the trust already built by Amazon for the ordering process. The way and manner in which Amazon handles inquiries and customer experience draws shoppers to buy your products. So, in addition to the first four promotional campaigns, register for Amazon’s fulfillment by Amazon to enhance your customer experience for increased sales. 

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Applying promotional campaigns gives you an edge over your competitors on Amazon. So, take that step today to get ahead of other Amazon sellers and increase your sales.