Every small business owner, from new entrepreneurs to those with decades of experience, has a unique way of operating. In this article, I’ll go over 9 simple tips on how to expand a business and making it more successful in the process. I was hoping you could keep reading for a few examples of these strategies that have worked for me and other professionals in the past!

Typical sales figures for your services

By calculating, at minimum, your monthly sales figures for the first six months, you can determine whether or not your business is expanding at a reasonable rate if you’re making approximately $1,000 a month on average during that period.

Typical costs for items related to the services/products

Calculate all of the expenses associated with your business that you can from this point on (mostly just office rent). Then add on an amount of money to this total that’s large enough to cover the small things you may forget in the future

Your financial goal for four years from now

This one is pretty straightforward. Calculate how much you’d like your business to make four years from today and see whether or not it’s possible to reach that number in that period with whatever you have presently.

Your financial goal for six months from now

Do the same math as before but for one month. Then divide your sales (or expenses) by one month to determine the financial goal you’ll need in the next month to reach that four-year goal.

However many products/services your customers desire

Once you’ve completed calculations #2, #3 and #4, you can determine how many products/services your customer’s desire.

How many customers do you need

Once you’ve figured out #5, you can determine approximately how many customers you’ll need to meet your financial goal in the next month (again, remember to divide). If you’re on track with this strategy, keep it up! If not, start by changing your marketing methods and other business strategies.

Optimize your sales

Due to the nature of small businesses — a lot of which operate at a loss in the first few years — it’s important to optimize your sales in the beginning so that they grow faster than expenses later on.

What’s been the most successful marketing strategy for you?

Now that you know how many products/services are selling, determine the most successful marketing strategy for those products/services. Research what works for other companies in your niche and attach it to your business before making any changes.

What’s been the most effective marketing strategy for you?

If you’ve already done #8, you can use that information to make a better decision now. You can see what worked best for your competitors in recent years and whether they’re still operating or well-known today.


I hope you’ve found these tips helpful in some way, shape, or form. You should be able to try contact best specialist around you for advice on how to expand a business.