Drought is the dry climatic condition of the environment for a prolonged time.  In general, drought is the result of a lack of rainfall and water shortages. This drought is also can be considered as one of the natural calamities where this will not happen suddenly like earthquakes and storms. The Drought (ภัยแล้ง) will happen gradually.  In fact,compared to the other natural disaster the drought affected more people.

Agriculture and farming activities are needed water if water sources are not available then the agricultural activity could not be done. Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy so necessary steps need to take to avoid the drought situation to improve agricultural activity. Ok, what causes the drought? Shall we discuss briefly that here in this article?

Though we are mentioning the natural disaster drought is mostly occurred by the manmade problems. Anyway, let us see some of the causes that lead to the drought here (Natural and manmade).

Climate Change: Though this may be considered a natural cause where this will be influenced greatly by human society. Global warming made changes in the climate.Because of global warming water evaporation from the land increases.So all the water drained and dry nature will occur. This will directly affect the soil health too. So that no crops can be planted and cultivated in this condition. But there are the crops that need very less water such as watermelon and that can be used in the place where the shortage of water occurs.

Deforestation: This is the direct manmade mistake over the earth where that will lead to a decrease in rainfall and an increase in temperature. It is well known that trees are the major sources to release the water into the atmosphere which accumulates as clouds to provide rain. But we humansinvolvedeforestation to fulfill their requirements. Trees are not only a source of water where they keep healthy the soil when we remove the tree then it affects the absorption ability of the soil.

The demandfor Water: Actually the water demand could not raise independently and the above two reasons are responsible for the shortage of water which is creating the demand. For farming activities, a huge supply of water is needed. So to avoid water shortages the necessary water sources need to make.

In fact the drought is the situation that the environment faces and that can be avoided by proper planning and make the land live for agriculture.