Communication is the sole bearer, which can either make or break relationships. The rule is not exempted even from the mentor-mentee relationship. Someone who burdens you with hundreds of files, unachievable deadlines, and no breaks can become hateful. It is easy to resent your bosses.

Yet, studies have shown that people who have a quality mentoring platform can lead their lives on the path to great success. Organizations that value an excellent mentoring platform have a high level of dedicated employees, knowledge sharing, profits, and prosperity in the future.

So what exactly makes up an excellent mentor-mentee relationship?

The critical individuals included in this bond are:

  1. The mentor and,
  2. The mentee

What makes a good mentor?

  • The will to help others. You can see a distinction between a leader and someone who likes to control people, good mentors cross the line on the good end. They want to create a helpful mentoring platform to watch employees grow without any underlying individual benefits.
  • Determination required. Good intentions are the first step, but to execute them, the mentor must give their time and efforts when the employees need them.
  • You learn from someone who has something which you don’t. In this context, a mentor with good organizational or market knowledge.
  • There is no age when one stops learning. A good learning attitude may come in as vital. An open attitude towards accepting one’s mistakes rather than seeing self in a position of authority and considering others inferior demands appreciation and creates the foundation for a solid mentoring platform.
  • They are encouraging the employee’s efforts. A good mentor should always tell employees about the mistakes and failures in their journey. The road doesn’t only have to be ups, and it’s okay and even essential to have lows.
  • Providing honest feedback, active listening, and helping during the block phases are some small things that make a mentor a good mentor.

It would help if you had both your hands to clap. The same principle applies. Even with all the qualities of a good mentor, the bond will fail if the mentee is not severe enough and will lead to the collapse of the mentoring platform created.

What makes a good mentee?

Dedicated and committed to their work. Understands their responsibility and mold and expand their abilities as the job demands to ensure the smooth functioning of the mentoring platform created.

  • A good mentee doesn’t shy away from asking for help whenever required. They need to be open to learning and want to improve. No mentor in this world would like to waste their time on someone who keeps the doors of learning closed.
  • Someone who takes criticism in a good way. A good mentee understands that criticism is a stepping stone for one to get better. They need to take in the value of constructive criticism and change.
  • Good mentees hold themselves and not anyone else accountable for their work and even mistakes. Taking complete account of your work displays maturity and is the right thing to do.
  • If one wants to excel in his field, you have to be present, make mistakes but, more, learn from them; sitting in the corners will not push the ball to your court.

Now that we have written the essential qualities of a mentor and a mentee, let’s have a look at a few other essential aspects to make the relationship fruitful:

Trust and respect

You have no idea how far respect can take you. This goes not only for the mentee, treating your mentor with uttermost respect because of his knowledge in the specific field, but also the mentor. Please don’t treat your employees as pushovers, as the mentors were once on the same pedestal.

Flexibility and understanding of perspectives

Mutual understanding between the parties and flexible deadlines in case of valid reasons encourages a robust mentoring platform. The mentor and mentee should work jointly to work and get over the obstacles in the journey.

Honest communication

There can’t be enough stress laid on the importance of honest communication. Open communication with a strong foundation of admiration and respect will open the paths for a healthy future.


In the digital world, you are not left with an excuse for not learning. Several well-qualified and professional mentors are a click away from you. The mentors can help you get over your doubts and help you improve. For example, if someone uses a mentoring platform like, say, Askme network for the problem and issues they face, they can access one-to-one personalized classes with the best around the world.

As the mentee is more in the learning stage, there is not enough attention paid to the need for appreciation for the mentor. The mentor deserves respect for the time and efforts they volunteer to develop and grow the mentee. The key is to put in honest efforts, ensuring a smooth sail for the bond.