Molded pulp packaging is known as a packaging material that is made from scrap papers through the process of recycling, and it is popularly known as packaging material for cartons for eggs and trays for drinks. Molded pulp packaging has a lot of benefits to offer to the users and the environment both in production and performance. That is why will we be considering the benefits that are allocated to this packaging material that makes it more outstanding than other options of packaging materials.

  1. Ability to be Recycled: Molded paper packaging can be subjected to the process of recycling again as they are made from postconsumer paper which offers manufacturers and users a chance of recycling than plastics. Compared to plastics that have only 14 percent of plastic packaging is recycled and over 40 percent of it winding. Usage of molded pulp packaging poses more advantages of recycling again and again about 5 to 8 times compared to every other packaging option that is available such as glass, metal, plastic, or either of these three combined.
  2. It is Profitable: In a simple term, molded pulp packaging helps to save time, space, and resources. Its structure, nestable, and stackable design can reduce the actual shipping volume of the product by about 50 percent. This will enable one to move more units of products per truckload. This also will ensure less frequent shipment which will, in turn, reduce the labor exerted, and it also passes the drop and shock test during the transition from one place to another as it has a superior resistant ability against vibration, water, and weather.
  3. It is Sustainable: Sustainability has become something very crucial these days not only for producers, even as consumers get to know daily the importance of buying goods that factored in the sustainability of the environment because the more we get to recycle the less garbage winds up in our incinerator and landfills plant. Molded pulp is usually known as a sustainable packaging material according to the sustainable packaging coalition.