We use the term indiscriminately, but to define what really makes a good dog, we have to go back to the science. Although we are all predisposed to believe that our animals are the superior pinnacle of puppy evolution, there are real factors to take into account whenever you consider your pet’s status of goodness. Training in an established Illinois facility has a lot to do with it, but temperament really does play a major part in the overall benevolence of a pup. Training and temperament, combined with socialization skills, work to create the ultimate goodness in a good boy or a good girl.

Temperament is largely something that is brought about by the individual breed. Although traits can be adjusted with training, different breeds are going to have set traits that are more likely to happen within those breeds. This is why golden retrievers and labs, for example, are more likely to be Illinois family animals than shepherd breeds like German shepherds and Australian shepherds. Shepherd breeds are more likely to be more energetic and more protective, while labs and golden retrievers are more laid-back and friendly. This is not to say that a German Shepherd can’t make an amazing family dog, but breeders have worked for generations to solidify different breeds identities and traits, and those traits can be very hard to break even for just an individual dog.

That being said, training can work within the temperament and adjust traits to provide the dog with a new way forward. This is especially true if the training is positive, consistent, and carried on by the owner once the routine has been established. Socialization skills are also a key part of being a good boy or girl. Dogs that are instinctively kind and trained to be well-behaved, but who are not able to interact with people outside of their family group or with other animals are less likely to be able to be a positive pet in an everyday situation. For dogs to learn socialization, it’s good for them to participate in group training in an Illinois park or program. Taking walks where there will be interaction with lots of people and pets is also a good way to get these dogs to be social and to learn to be comfortable in many unknown situations. With time and Illinois dog training like the experience that dogs can receive at Alden’s Kennels, your pet can become a very good boy or girl.

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