Whether you’re a large business looking to store seasonal or year-round inventory or a small business just getting started, Warehousing Pro offers a storage solution that works for you. Providing short-term, seasonal, and long-term storage, cross-docking, and load reworking, the company has answers to all your needs.

Kitting and assembly

Whether shipping a single order or many items, Warehousing Pro’s storage services kitting, and assembly can save you time and money. Our team can handle any sized kit and create custom packages for your business. They’re also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by appointment.

It can take a long time to package and ship if you’re shipping small quantities of individual products. So instead, you can combine your orders into a single shipping unit with kitting and assembly. As a result, tracking your inventory is more accessible, and you’ll have fewer items to deliver to customers.

Kitting and assembly services can reduce shipping costs and reduce labor costs. In addition, it can help you maintain your customer satisfaction levels. Finally, it can improve your internal processes and even increase your profits.

Typically, kitting and assembly is done by third-party fulfillment companies. The demand for this service depends on the product you’re selling and the number of items you’re shipping.

Full-service FBA prep service

Having a professional FBA prep service is one of the best ways to increase the quality of your products. They can handle all of the stages of inspection and packaging. This can save you time, improve efficiency, and lessen operating costs.

You’ll streamline the process and avoid errors when outsourcing the prep work to a third-party company. You’ll also reduce the time it takes to get your products to Amazon.

Depending on your organization, it may take a few days or months to complete the prep. You may also have to pay for materials. A good prep partner will also inspect your inventory for defects, so there are no surprises.

An FBA prep partner can also handle labeling, packing, and shipping your products to Amazon. Choosing a service close to your suppliers and operations is essential.

Finding an FBA prep partner who understands the process is also essential. You risk losing your stock or rejecting your items if you don’t.

White glove delivery service

Whether you’re moving a large appliance or fragile furniture, Warehousing Pro has the expertise to ensure that your valuables are delivered safely, intact, and in perfect condition. Their white glove delivery service includes careful assembly, premium packaging, and temperature-controlled trucks.

If you’re thinking of using a white glove delivery service, make sure you take the time to research the company you’re considering. Find out if they offer cargo insurance, cancelation fees, and a trackable package. Also, ask about their history of cargo claims.

The cost of a white glove delivery service can vary. The price is affected by the shipment’s size, the product’s nature, and the destination.

A white glove shipping service is more expensive than standard shipping. However, the cost is typically worth the extra expense when you factor in the peace of mind it can bring. Besides ensuring your packages are delivered in pristine condition, white glove delivery can provide exceptional customer service.