Do you want to be sure that you are getting the most out of your online presence and attracting more people to your website? Get in contact with a member of our SEO audit service team to learn more about the ways in which we can assist you in improving the performance of your website.

Use SEO Audit Services for your Website

Audits of your site’s SEO are essential to maintaining its optimal performance. They provide you with information about the general performance of your website and assist you in developing an efficient SEO strategy for the future. Because both the algorithms used by search engines and the guidelines for webmasters are subject to ongoing refinement, it is essential to do regular audits on your website.

An SEO audit guides you through the process of prioritising the tasks that will have the most influence on your level of achievement in search, starting with your website. This phase assures that the effort you do to optimise your off-page content and generate links will lead to outcomes that have a direct influence on your return on investment (ROI).

Technical SEO Audit Service

Audits of your website’s technical SEO assist improve individual pages so that your site does well in organic search results. Your website is made up of a complicated network of pages, and as a result, each page should adhere to the rules provided by Google in order to assist boost your website’s performance in search engines.

During a technical SEO audit service, tools like Google Search Console are used to search for alerts, issues, and changes that have an impact on the SEO of your on-page content.

Keyword Research Services

RS Digital research your keywords to enable you to find new keyword possibilities, enhance on-page optimisation, and make certain that your content is in line with your search engine optimisation objectives. Targeting the appropriate keywords will assist you in being more competitive in your search area, in providing answers to the search queries that your audience is submitting, and in laying the groundwork for the content that you need in order to attract your clients.

As part of the keyword research services, we provide, we will investigate your market, your business, your rivals, and your target audience in order to assist you in locating the most effective keywords for you to target. After that, we will find keyword themes that, if broken down into more relevant groups, will allow us to make the most of available opportunities. You will be provided with a comprehensive keyword research report that details keyword topics, opportunities, and trends, as well as suggestions for the next actions to take.

Content review

In order to make certain that your websites are both user-friendly and pleasant to search engines, we will examine the content of your website and look for problems such as poor readability or duplicate material. We will also provide recommendations for on-page optimisations that we believe will assist you in reaching the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), which will contribute to an increase in the number of leads and sales.

On-Page SEO Analysis

We will provide a comprehensive analysis on your website’s On-Page SEO and make suggestions regarding how the search engine rankings of your site may be improved. These suggestions consist of factors like modifications to the text on sites, meta tags, and schema markup, among other things. Sitemaps, Search Console and Google Analytics, are just some of the technologies that we will employ. After that, we will provide you with a list of On-Page SEO Recommendations that are easy for developers to understand and put into action.

Backlink profile

In order to determine what kinds of enhancements can be made to your website, we investigate the external links that lead to your business website. We are able to analyse your link profile to determine if it is harmful to your website and identify possibilities to create more backlinks. To put it simply, we are going to concentrate on giving Google as many signals as we possibly can in order to highlight the material that is of the utmost significance and to increase the authority of your site.

Why Choose RS Digital for your SEO audit services?


At RS Digital Marketing, we provide each of our customers with their very own direct point of contact inside our Site Audit Service. Our SEO plan Audits do not come with a guarantee of results, nor do they promise an immediate return on investment.

We are always completely open and honest with you, and we provide custom in-depth suggestions for your company. Transparency is one of our fundamental principles, along with learning and responsibility, since we place such a high importance on it.