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Expert Nelson Solicitors

Reece Clayton Solicitors are a legal practise staffed by experienced lawyers in Nelson that are able to assist you with your case and steer you in the direction of a favourable resolution for it.

Whether it is Immigration, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, or Personal Injury Law, we understand how important it is for you to address your issue quickly and without difficulty.

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Immigration Law

Our professional solicitors in Nelson are available to assist you or your family with our personalised immigration advisory services if you are intending to visit, live, or extend your stay in the UK. If this is the case, we can answer any questions you may have about the process.

You will be provided with an immigration attorney who is a great fit for both your personal and professional requirements as part of the tailored packages that we provide.

Civil Litigation

Reece Clayton Solicitors are here to fight your corner and work toward achieving the best possible result for you, regardless of whether you are the one filing a claim or the one defending yourself in civil litigation processes.

Criminal Law

Our skilled criminal defence solicitors and attorneys in Nelson have a wealth of experience successfully defending clients accused of a wide variety of criminal offences. They can help defend you no matter what crime you are suspected of having committed. Our legal team understands how nerve-wracking it may be to face the possibility of being investigated or charged with a severe crime for the first time.

Personal Injury Law

We are able to fight for you and help you understand the difficulties involved in any kind of accident that causes you damage due to the carelessness of another person, whether it be a vehicle accident or medical malpractice.

Why Choose Reece Clayton Solicitors?

Criminal investigations have the potential to impact people in all walks of life. Our legal aid Solicitors in Nelson are aware that, regardless of your history, one of your primary goals is to have the ability to clear your name in the shortest amount of time feasible, while also causing as little interruption as possible to your personal and professional life.