A term insurance policy is a basic protection plan that assures your loved one’s financial stability while you are gone. Life is incredibly unpredictable, and awful things always happen without warning. If you are the sole breadwinner in your family, any misfortune might cause both mental and financial hardship for your family. As a result, a term insurance policy serves as a safety net for your family and loved ones in the event of financial difficulties. In addition, term insurance policy riders can now be used to supplement or increase your family’s coverage and assistance. But what are these term insurance riders? Do they have any benefit? Let’s have a look at it.

What are Term Insurance Riders?

Term insurance policy Riders are changed made to the basic term insurance plan that might increase the coverage given by your actual term plan. Riders assist you in tailoring your foundation term plan to your specific demands. They will provide you with additional advantages in addition to the sum assured in your term plan. 

Significant Term Insurance Policy Riders with Benefits

Let’s look at the different sorts of term insurance policy riders and the benefits they provide.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

If the insured person passes away due to an accident during the policy period, this rider covers a significant benefit promised. This extra amount is computed as a percentage of the initial amount insured, and the proportion may differ from company to business. In rare situations, the maximum amount promised to this rider may be restricted. The premium for this rider, on the other hand, remains constant during the policy term. 

Permanent & Partial Disability Benefit Rider

Another term insurance policy rider that comes in handy if you have a permanent or temporary handicap situation resulting from an accident is this. In such cases, most plans would pay you a percentage of the sum assured every year for the following ten years. As a result, you may count on this rider as a source of income. Please keep in mind that this rider only applies if the disability is due to an accident. To grasp the actual wordings, read the company’s policy paper attentively.

Critical Illness Benefit Rider

The policyholder in this term insurance rider will receive a lump sum if a verified diagnosis of a critical illness can be defined in the policy. For example, heart attack, paralysis, cancer, stroke, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, renal failure, major organ transplant, and other catastrophic diseases are covered under the Critical Illness Benefit.

The amount paid to the policyholder might sometimes reduce the insurance coverage, depending upon the critical illness diagnosed. 

Waiver of Premium Benefit Rider

If you are unable to pay your future payments due to disability or loss of income, this rider ensures not to forfeit your insurance. Future premiums are waived in such instances, but your policy remains in effect as before. However, suppose this rider is not available and you become disabled and unable to pay your premiums. In that case, your policy will expire, and you will not get any death benefits at the time of your death since the policy would have expired owing to non-payment of premiums.

Income Benefit Rider

This rider is included in certain plans and is used to generate money after the policyholder’s death. If this rider is activated, the policyholder’s family will receive supplemental income for the next 5-10 years in addition to the ordinary sum assured. For example, the policyholder family will get 10% of the sum assured for the following 10 years.

When we examine scenarios like the ones listed above, the riders appear to be a must. Term insurance riders are a crucial component of such preparation; having them in your life will benefit you and your family.


Understand the riders in-depth, their related advantages, all inclusions, and limitations, and evaluate the differing costs of different riders given by multiple insurance providers before incorporating them as add-ons in your policy. Most importantly, assess the need for certain riders and make an informed choice to include them in the policy only after a comprehensive review. Term insurance riders are a vital aspect of contingency planning, and you would benefit from having them.