For industrial applications, there are different types of valves used. These valves perform functions depending on various working principles. There has been a vast and steady demand for these valves in recent years as they are used extensively, specifically in the oil, gas, and automation industries. These are the most sought-after valves from manufacturers worldwide.

Gate Valves

They are specifically designed to act as isolation valves. As its name suggests, the gate valves control the liquid flow that passes through the pipes. The valve starts or stops the flow affixed to the pipelines. The gate valves are used for different purposes, but commonly in homes, commercial, and industrial settings. The gate valves will allow you to save energy and reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Globe Valves

This valve is among the most popular types used in various applications. They work similarly to gate valves but only use linear motion to control the flow. They are commonly used in a pipeline as they regulate the flow by the position of the movable disk. Its primary advantage is that it does not leak compared to other valves. They are primarily used for throttling high-temperature applications. 


Ball Valves

These are valves that use a ball to control the flow of the liquid from one opening to the next. They are easy to operate and repair due to their simple structure. The ball valves function by allowing the hole to open, partially open, or block the flow of liquid or gas. This is the most recommended choice for gases as they offer the best sealing. 

These valves are so versatile that they can support the pressure of up to 700 bars. They are also most recommended for applications that deal with temperatures of up to 200-degree Celcius. The ball valves are commonly used in the oil and natural gas industry. But there are other possible applications, like chemical storage and sometimes, even residential use. 

Butterfly Valves

This valve is specifically designed to regulate flow. However, they have minimal control capabilities. The butterfly valves have a rotating handle, making them the easiest to operate. These valves are configured to be used manually, electronically, or pneumatically. They are used in various applications, mainly for regulating water supply, fire protection, gas supply, and wastewater treatment.  

Check Valves

The check valves or “Non-Return Valve (NRV) allow liquid to flow in one direction. This valve prevents backflow for no reverse flow that can potentially damage the equipment or disrupt the process. The check valves are commonly used in gas systems or liquid applications. 

How it operates depends on the flow velocity of the fluid. The higher the flow rate, the more open the valve is until it reaches its maximum capacity. Its simple design reduces the backflow of a line. And because of their basic design, they are easy to operate and even require minimum human interaction. 

There are so many manufacturers and distributors out there. But it is crucial that companies only partner with their trusted Industrial Valve Manufacturer. This way, they are confident that the parts and components they use are of top quality, thoroughly inspected, tested, and proven to withstand even extreme applications.