Conference tables are essential in every business for a variety of reasons. They can help companies gather remote or in-person teams, spread out papers and documents, and offer training.

But choosing the right table can be challenging, especially if your company has a smaller room with fewer people who will use it regularly.

Increase Productivity

Whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, the conference tables are a focal point that can enhance your business’s productivity. It helps you make a solid first impression and shows potential clients, vendors, and colleagues that you’re serious about your work.

A conference table can impact your business’s productivity by encouraging better communication and collaboration during meetings. It can also increase your business’s credibility, persuasion, and professionalism.

Conference tables come in various shapes suited to your unique business goals. Some conditions – like rectangular tables – promote collaboration, while others encourage different kinds of teams and leaders to stand out in the room.

Another option is a boat-shaped table, which resembles the shape of a rowboat with two long bowed sides and two short square ends. This shape enables leaders to stand out at the table’s center and connect with everyone.

SMARTdesks pioneered the original computer conference table, an isosceles triangle-shaped design that sat people in a V opposite its base before large video screens were integrated into teleconferencing designs. Today, SMARTdesks computer conference tables are designed with custom technology integration, including the patented flipIT(r) monitor mounting system for flexible access to flat-screen and notebook computers.

Increase Collaboration

Whether hosting meetings, brainstorming sessions, or working on a significant project, a conference table can enhance your business’s collaboration. They’re a staple in nearly every industry and essential to keeping meetings organized and productive.

You can select from various shapes and sizes for your conference tables depending on your needs. Round tables are an excellent option for smaller teams because they promote a sense of unity and teamwork.

Boat-shaped tables are also a good choice for small groups, as they give individuals access to those on either side of the table. However, if you’re looking for a table that can promote more group participation and teamwork, a u-shaped conference table can be ideal.

For more advanced meetings, consider modular tables that can be latched together and arranged in various configurations. These tables allow for greater customization, ensuring each session’s exact set-up best fits its needs.

Increase Productivity

Choosing the right conference table for your business can significantly impact your company’s productivity. It can make your employees feel more comfortable and help them collaborate better.

The shape of your conference table also plays a big part in influencing the outcome of meetings. Research has shown that certain conditions can convey power dynamics, harming the meeting process.

Round and elliptical tables can encourage participation and critical thinking by letting everyone sit at the same level, whereas rectangular conference tables often promote hierarchy and discourage collaboration. Choose your conference table based on the goals of your meetings.

Increase Collaboration

A conference table is a central component in any meeting room, so choosing the right one for your business is crucial. Choosing the right shape and size of a conference table will enhance the collaborative environment for your team.

Many small groups favor round and oval shapes because they promote a sense of belonging. They also encourage collaboration and group creativity by putting participants in equal positions.

How a conference table is arranged also affects the psychological dynamics of the room. The chair position you choose sends signals to your team members about the level of control and power you hold over the meeting.

U-shaped tables draw the eye to the front of the room for presentations and demos, while a round or oval-shaped table promotes a sense of inclusion and equality.

Modular tables offer a modern look, and foldable features allow you to adjust the table size as needed. Triangular tables work well for hybrid meetings, team projects, and video conferencing.

Increase Productivity

Whether your business is small or large, your conference table will be essential to your company’s functions. Choosing the right one will enhance productivity by providing a comfortable workspace for collaboration, teamwork, and meetings.

The shape of your conference table dramatically impacts how your meetings are structured. For example, rectangular tables promote collaborative decision-making, while circular options can put clients at ease and ease brainstorming sessions.

Additionally, boat-shaped tables are great for displaying presentations as they create clear lines of sight for all participants. This makes it easier for everyone to see presentations and makes for more inclusive business interactions.

If you have an existing conference room and want to replace your current conference table, choose a size that fits the space. This is important as a conference table that is too big can cause inconveniences and problems in the room.

When it comes to functionality, your conference table needs to have a power source as well as connectivity options. These features will make it more convenient and easy for you to use your laptop, phone, audio/video equipment, and other technology during your meetings.