ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine which is an industrial informative magazine is being published by DIVYA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD. ENGINEERING REVIEW through out the times have been consistent and updated in providing information relating to the manufacturing industry, engineering and allied industry. Most Importantly, ENGINEERING REVIEW has been India’s only magazine that analyseslatest  news of manufacturingindustry , process , Industrial Production , Industrial Automation, technology trends and provides all the latest updates on the website of Recently, DIVYA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD. Has published different topics for Panel Discussion on “Engineering Excellence Awards “ May 2022 which are:

  • Disruptions in Mobile Industry 
  • Welding As a Versatile Production Process
  • The Magic of Machine Finish 
  • 3-D Printing Brings a Revolution 
  • Innovations in Infrastructure Development in India

Engineering Reviewmagazine covers exclusive latest information on various manufacturing industry in India. All the latest information and updates that are necessary for any person trying to understand the system would be benefitted. Engineering Review has information relating to national as well as global sector. Reforms, information from tycoons of manufacturing industry and other possible changes in the near future which will be reasons for investment etc is discussed appropriately. Engineering Review has been the primary advertising is the only magazine that analyses news of manufacturing process trends and even provides exclusivelatest updates of projects in India on website beginning of covid has definitely affected the industry and with the on-going instability, the manufacturing industry also is trying to have a balance with economy. These all-information help in understanding the world of manufacturing better and helps the investors and other personnel who are in any means related. The daily and weekly latest news gets updated on the website

ENGINEERING REVIEWcovers exclusive information on various Industrial production undergoingin India. Covering all the information on manufacturing industry, the website for Engineering Review been an excellent source for news onIndustrial production.Now understanding what does the whole system of Industrial production is indicating than it would be the measurement of output of the industrial sector towards the economy. The sectors such as manufacturing, mining, utilities come under the Industrial production. ENGINEERING REVIEWhelps in reviewing the strategies implemented in national and international level by different companies and individuals that bring a developing angle and helpful ways for the evolution. It is reasonable to believe that industry has to get updated for making things easier and simplified. This information and the updates need to be passed to whoever is seeking information which is primarily and perfectly done by Engineering Review. 

One such latest information on manufacturing processwould be the inching towards industry 4.0. Engineering Review has published an article stating how advancement is necessary to stand in the global forum and Indian enterprises has adopted different next generation technologies for their business and future preparation. 

Another article on Industry Production in india that talks about different ways of hybrid laser arc welding and how it is more beneficial over the previous traditional methods. The six different ways description gives a clear indication on whether to opt for the choice or not which has been published by Engineering Review. 

Engineering Review even took on one of the emerging concerns on Industrial Products i.e. Prima Equipment’s testing facility in line With DIN EN 15267-3 (Part Of QAL-1) For Air Pollution Monitoring which will benefit for making the country more greener and cleaner in establishing air pollution standards and controlling expenditure.