Those who are engaged in the business of defrosting foodstuff and industrial cold storage should understand that a freezer spacer can play a very important role in your business.

These freezer spacers can be a small component, but it has a very important role to reduce any water build-up and leakage during the thawing operation. You can get it from a US-based company called Top Industries, which is known for making different equipment related to warehouses and cold storage industries.

If you try to search on the market, you can get many choices to get a freezer spacer that can match your work process. However, selecting the right one can be a pretty difficult task at times. 

Importance of freezer spacer

If you want to optimize your blast freezing process, then these spacers can play a very effective role in your business. This part can help optimize the blast-freezing process of your cold storage operation. 

One of the great concerns in the cold storage industries is that lots of electrical energy are wasted in this operation. Freezer spaces can help you to address this issue to a great extent. 

The main use of freezer spacers during the food handling process is to increase the speed of operation of the blast freezing process. You can save a lot of your handling time just by placing a freezer spacer in between each layer of your products kept on a certain pallet.

You can achieve at least a 30% reduction of time in your operation. The space available between each layer of your food product will allow the cold air to get circulated through your load more efficiently.

Generally, a blast freezer will also be equipped with a certain cooling device, with a few powerful blasting fans which are supposed to circulate the air, as well as the dehumidifier, which will help in removing any presence of humidity inside the freezer.

Because of the availability of better air circulation inside your freezer, the necessary time needed for freezing your product will get reduced. Also, by lowering your fan speed which is present inside the freezing tunnel, you can save plenty of energy. 

Since by using such spacers, you can reduce the energy necessary to freeze your products drastically it is highly recommended that in your cold storage you must install this. 

How can you use freezing spacers?

It is quite simple to use freezer spacers. All you need to do is pack your products on a pallet, placing it between each level of storage.

The items can freeze more rapidly and effectively when there is a spacer between every packed level, allowing for greater airflow throughout the palletized load.

When handling food goods that need to be frozen throughout the material handling process, freezer spacers are required. To learn more about these spacers and other cold storage equipment options, get in touch with a company like Top Industries right away.

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