Bearings are generally the most crucial part of any equipment, whether a small machine or industrial equipment. EK shaft coupling bearing (ลูกปืนจับยึดปลายเพลา EK; which is the term in Thai) provides support to devices and helps them in maintaining a good functioning level. Without bearings, it might be impossible for machines to work.

It consists of rolling elements that help in rotating the inner and outer parts of the shaft.

There are several types of bearings used in different machines and equipment, such as ball bearings, linear bearings, rollers, etc.

For example, a sliding window cannot lift its door; instead, it can only slide the gate from one side to another to open or close it. This sliding occurs due to bearings.

Bearings And Their Purpose

Bearings help in stopping the collision of one metal object with another. It helps eliminate any heat generation or occurrence of friction in types of machinery. It also indirectly helps in low energy consumption because of its sliding features.

For better working of any machine, the mechanic should have proper knowledge about bearings and their usage. He should know which type of bearing is used in which device; otherwise, its purpose will not get fulfilled, and it will be a waste.

Types Of Bearings:

  1. Ball Bearings– These bearings are used for speed and precision. They are round and spherical and made to reduce friction due to rotation. They also maintain a lower capacity and hold the weight. They are generally used in fidget spinners, computer fans, jet engine shafts, etc.
  2. Sliding Bearings– This bearing moves objects from one side to another. They come in various forms, such as journals, rifles, sleeves, bushing, etc. They are also cheaper in rate and one of the plainest bearings because it does not require any rolling elements.
  3. Rolling Bearing- This bearing is generally used to stop friction during sliding. It consists of cylindrical rolling elements and helps reduce the friction between shafts and machines. It also consists of high load capacity as compared to ball bearings. It also comes in different varieties, such as cylindrical and spherical.
  4. Mounted Bearings- This bearing type is primarily used in rotating shafts or machines. These consist of a bearing house which is encrusted with mounted elements and has pillow blocks etc. This can be used in rolling as well as journal element bearings. These are used to make the movement easy and friction-free.


These all are the types of bearing used for different purposes. Before you choose an EK shaft coupling bearing, you should know which one will work for you. Without prior knowledge about bearing types, you can not recognise one for your task.