If you have worked hard developing your recipe for writing successful cold email subject lines but still feel a particular secret ingredient is missing, pay attention to power words! These words have the power to transform any humdrum, ordinary subject line into a firework of emotions and work as a magnet attracting your readers and urging them to click open the letter.

A clever, tasteful, and well-fitting power word can trigger a wide range of emotions, even before your recipient begins reading the main text of your email. Power words are great tools for making a person relate and respond in a particular way, whether you are using them to build trust in yourself and your brand, inspire curiosity, or instill the fear of missing out on something truly fantastic.

Here are the three most common emotional responses the right set of power words can trigger effectively, along with a few suggestions as to what words exactly you can try using:

Curiosity. Curiosity is among salesperson’s best tools to attract attention. It appears when we are given a piece of information that does not fit in with how we understand the world. The urge to satisfy curiosity is almost impossible to resist, which can play in your favor should you choose to push this button.

Trigger power words: banned, bizarre, censored, illegal, insider, unconventional, top secret, restricted, etc.

Trust. If you are a little-known brand, the odds are your prospect has never heard about you before, and your cold email will be met with zero credibility. Being careful with the words you use in your subject line can help you score trust with the potential customer even before they open the letter and start reading.

Trigger power words: anonymous, risk-free, tested, guaranteed, lifetime, cancel anytime, refund, official, etc.

Fear. Appealing to such pain points as fear of failure, uncertainty, and doubt your prospect is likely to experience daily can help you win their attention and interest. Use the words below to show your recipient that they risk losing big by not investing in your product.

Trigger power words: apocalypse, mistake, looming, beware, disastrous, vulnerable, crisis, drowning, crazy, etc.

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