We collaborate with an ISO container design team that has access to the most up-to-date computer-aided software for stress and load quantities, as well as structural analysis. Approvals for all sorts of containers can be obtained quite fast by working closely with our design team. Our vision statement is to deliver high-quality service to our clients and to respond to their needs, resulting in long-term relationships that benefit both Container Options and our valued customers. Steel shipping containers are extremely sturdy and built to survive long, especially when properly maintained. While it is customary to make changes to your unit, many owners are unaware of the long-term consequences. Not only must the structural integrity of your storage container in Sydney be maintained to preserve the goods kept inside, but it must also be maintained to support future safe adjustments. Routine maintenance, particularly to the roofing and door mechanisms, all year greatly extends the life of your container. However, you must also examine the elements listed below, which can have a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of your storage container. Continue reading to learn about three issues that can jeopardise a storage container’s integrity.

4 Factors Threatening Shipping Containers’ Structural Integrity

  • Containers stacked incorrectly: Stacking is pretty standard and, as long as you do it properly, is not hazardous for storage or forming container complexes. Piling containers on top of each other improperly not only damages the structure but is also dangerous. To stack a container correctly, you’ll need the right tools and a trained team. To provide the most support, stack all units in the corners rather than diagonally. Install a locking mechanism once you’ve stacked the containers to ensure they stay in place. Following these steps will result in a multi-level shipping container building that is structurally sound.
  • Excessive alterations Almost every storage container procedure involves changes. Whether you’re converting your apartment into a garage/workshop or adding protection enhancements for better security, changes are unavoidable. However, there are various ways in which these changes will compromise the unit’s structural integrity. Cutting too much space for new doors or cutting too close to the corners, for example, will result in unequal weight distribution. As a result, making a few minor changes is preferable that will not impair your container. When purchasing a storage container, make sure it meets your requirements. In the long run, modifications damage the foundation framework.
  • Frequently Traveling by Sea: Frequent travel and exposure to saltwater and sea air might accelerate the deteriorating process. While dents and corrosion are normal in used shipping containers, look for indicators that the unit has been modified in a risky way. To get a clear idea of what a safe and structurally sound container looks like, check out our inspection guide for used container conditions.
  • A Second-hand Container: To save money, many businesses prefer to buy used shipping containers. While this is OK, you should always perform a visual examination prior to making a purchase. If you purchase it without inspecting it beforehand, you may discover that the container is not as strong as advertised. The previous owner may tamper with the container’s structural integrity. It is always preferable to purchase a new shipping container, but you can thoroughly inspect a less expensive used one if you don’t have the funds. We have a wide selection of new and used storage containers in pristine condition.

These are the top three reasons that can threaten a container’s structural integrity. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to buy a storage container. Container Options, situated in Sydney, specialises in all aspects of shipping containers. We can design and construct to your specifications, from new, used, and rented containers to specialised storage and tank containers.

Container Options has the ideal storage container for your needs, whether you’re looking for home storage or planning an inventive transformation. Visit our website to see our container selection, or call our sales office at 02 9723 6004 to see how we can help.