A business should be commenced with an idea that it can cater to the needs of public. So, if you are also planning to kickstart your small business, then find out ways in which your business can be useful for the people. Hence, if you can discover the needs of people and meet the market requirement then you will be able to make your business a big success. With this idea, we have discussed some of the best small business ideas which resembles with the basic needs of the people, and these ideas offer great returns with low investments.

  1. Pet caretaker

 Pet caretaker business is a good idea in present scenario when most people have pets in their home. As a pet caretaker you can look after the pets of the families who are out of city or aren’t able to give enough time to their pets. In this situation as a small business, you can become their extended family. So, as a part of your job you will have to take pets for a walk, you will have to spend time for playing with pets, you will have to feed them and you will have to look after their grooming. In all you will be performing every duty that a pet owner has to perform. Moreover, in order to satisfy your clients with your services you need to update them about their pets on regular basis. In this way they will be able to judge whether or not you are able to properly look after their pets.

  • Online reselling

Fashion market is one of the biggest markets of today, and with its latest outlets it always remains on trend. Hence, starting a small online reselling business is worth, if you have fashion knowledge or a slight idea about the latest trend. However, fashion being a vast industry, it is not easy to make your place in the industry and survive without having something extraordinary. But you can look forward to it as a small side business to support your extra expenses. So, you can start by selling your clothes on some established clothes websites and can get more info from them about how fashion industry works, and later can expand your reselling business once you see jump in your revenue.

  • Cleaning assistance

 If you love to clean and cleaning is your hobby then you can easily turn it into your small business. Having few staff members, you can kickstart your cleaning services by offering assistance in your nearby locality. You can offer your services to apartments, homeowners, public properties, companies etc. Besides, cleaning business won’t ask for huge investment, all you need is dedication, proper planning and few team members to run your business. Once after generating good revenue, you can convert your small business to an agency for providing cleaning assistance where you can expect more revenue potential.

  • Online teaching

During the time of global pandemic people discovered digital way of learning, in this way students were able to continue their education without stopping. Even after the end of pandemic, online teaching is still existing which means that digital learning is the new future of the world. Hence, you get a very nice opportunity to make online money by teaching, so regardless of your location you can start your online teaching course that everyone can access. This small business requires almost zero capital and you can actually earn good amount of money if people show interest in your courses.


There are plenty of ideas to set up a small business only if you understand the requirements of the people around you. Once you determine what they are looking for then it’s easy to come up with your own business idea. Moreover, no matter what service or product you choose to deliver in small business, the capital requirement is mostly low, so there are less chances of facing any financial constraints. Hence, with basic awareness and know-how you can easily setup your small business, that to with greater returns and less investment.

You can also learn how to sell a business from an experienced broker and eventually start a commission based side hustle.