Because startups are more willing to attempt new things and take chances, big organizations, and enterprises profit from their breakthroughs. Locating the most suitable startups for your company was a challenge before to Entrapeer.

The Features of Our Platform

The innovation management solutions offered by Entrapeer allow established firms to discover startups that possess the technologies necessary to tackle their problems. Entrapeer uses AI with training to generate a simplified database and categorize instances of internet usage despite its ambitious goal. We continue. Our human staff reviews all use cases to make sure they are valid and add value to the database.

Benefits of Our Database for Business Projects

For businesses to do startup scouting on our platform, we have collected all the relevant data. Use our database platform to quickly and simply find a solution to any problem.

Beyond a brief overview and contact details, the Entrapeer platform offers much more. From the ins and outs of each platform, program, or product’s problem-solving capabilities to the implementation details and end results for each organization, we cover it all in this exhaustive reference to the firm’s technological stack. We help companies cut down on their time commitment and get them closer to startups by conducting research for them while they look for answers to persistent challenges.

Benefits Our Database Provides to Upstart Companies

Our platform is ideal for startups with minimum viable products (MVPs) and a single use case. A fantastic strategy for attracting large and corporate company partners is for a startup to demonstrate the platform’s or product’s value to other organizations. Adding a company to the Entrapeer database may increase its visibility to potential investors. Noting the product might be useful if it’s plug-and-play or needs a pilot project or proof-of-concept (POC).

The Ways in Which We Assist VCs and Angel Investors

To explore cutting-edge technology that caters to your unique financial needs, check out the Entrapeer platform. The majority of companies that use our database have already created their MVPs, but they might still use some help from industry veterans, connections to growth capitalists, or even both. You might quickly go through possible investments and choose the ones that interest you the most if you don’t have time to attend group meetings or pitch evenings. By thoroughly researching the products and implementations of the companies on our pre-screened list, you may gain an advantage over other angel investors and venture capitalists.

Check Out Our Real-World Applications

Do you still have doubts about whether Entrapeer would be a good match for your company? Look at our usage examples instead of continuing your search. You can read about our work with a European telecom to find the right startup to help them cut energy costs and break into new markets in our case study. Read this article to understand how Işbank used Entrapeer to find a machine learning-powered business that improved performance, boosted revenue, and cut costs. Discover how we assisted a prominent European tire maker in locating indoor vertical farms that cultivate rubber using waterless ways, thereby minimizing their environmental footprint.

Call Entrapeer Today!

We won’t sit around for our AI to discover startups; get in touch with us right now to start working on them. It is imperative that you promptly submit your data and use cases so that we can incorporate them into our platform. In order to facilitate the development of cooperative ventures that benefit both parties, our network links leading businesses across all industries with the most prominent angel investors and venture capitalists.